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Dream About Witnessing Murders: Causes, Meanings

Dreaming about witnessing a murder can be an unsettling and disturbing experience. Despite the dark theme, these vivid dreams are surprisingly common. Understanding the potential causes, meanings, and interpretations behind such dreams can provide reassurance and insight.

Dream About Witnessing Murders

What Triggers Dreams of Witnessing Murders?

Dreaming occurs during REM sleep when the brain sifts through the day’s events, processes emotions, and consolidates memories. Several factors can prompt dreams of murders:

Stress and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, tension, and unresolved fears commonly trigger threatening dream imagery like murders. The dream expresses your internal worries symbolically.

Media Influences

Exposure to violent media like murder mysteries, crime documentaries, TV shows and movies can infiltrate dream content. Your brain replays the tropes and themes.

Trauma and PTSD

Those who have experienced or witnessed real-life trauma and violence may suffer PTSD flashbacks of those events in dream form. The dreams try to process the emotions.

Inner Shadow Work

Dreaming handles unconscious “shadow” material. A murder dream could represent hidden feelings like rage, jealousy, resentment, or the urge to “kill off” unwanted aspects of yourself.

Symbolism and Metaphor

Dreams speak through symbolism and metaphor. A graphic murder scene may symbolize something less literal, like “killing” a bad habit, a transitionary life change, or overcoming inner “demons.”

Common Meanings and Interpretations

While dream interpretations differ according to personal context, here are some general ideas to consider:

Unconscious Desires

A dream murder may play out unconscious desires or urges to harm someone who has provoked you, even if you’d never act them out. The dream safely releases these feelings.

Loss and Change

Killing symbolizes eliminating something unwanted. This could represent preparing for a significant life change, transition, or loss. The theme brings acknowledgment of what is dying out.

Control Issues

Dreams reflect inner dynamics. Witnessing a murder scenario may stem from feelings of powerlessness in waking life or the need to regain control.

Anger and Resentment

The violent imagery of murder expresses unresolved anger, rage, and resentment boiling under the surface. The dreams bring these emotions to light for resolution.

DisownedAspects of Self

Dream characters represent parts of yourself. A dream murder may symbolize your desire to disown or forcefully eliminate unwanted traits, emotions, or vulnerabilities denied in your conscious identity.

Retribution and Justice

A dream of avenging a murder by killing the perpetrator may speak to a sense of injustice and a wish for retribution. This theme reflects the desire for justice, resolution, and setting things right.

Psychological Perspectives on Dream Murders

Psychology offers additional lenses for interpreting murder dream motifs:

Jungian View

Carl Jung saw murder dreams as symbolic of sacrificing the ego or personality aspects which no longer serve personal growth. This frames murder as a psychic purging towards wholeness.

Freudian View

Sigmund Freud considered dream murders as representing unconscious aggressive and sexual drives repressed by the conscious mind. Dreams express the id’s unfiltered desires.

Gestalt View

Gestalt psychology views dreams as projections of inner conflicts. A murder dream dramatizes the clash between opposing forces within the self, especially rejection of undesirable qualities.

Cognitive View

The cognitive perspective sees unpleasant dreams like murder as resulting from maladaptive thought patterns like rumination, worry, and fixation on negative themes. The dreams try to process these overloaded thoughts.

Existential View

Existential psychology interprets the dark symbolism of murder dreams as reflecting anxiety about morality, death, freedom, isolation, and finding meaning. These fundamental concerns get expressed through the destructive dream imagery.

Steps to Manage the Impact of Disturbing Murder Dreams

Recurring dreams of witnessing murders or other violent crimes can negatively impact waking life. Here are some tips for managing the effects:

  • Practice stress relief through relaxation techniques, mindfulness, yoga, or therapy to reduce anxiety and trauma that may trigger these dreams.
  • Limit violent media exposure at least a few hours before bedtime since violent images prompt similar dreams.
  • Resolve emotional issues like anger, grief, resentment, and inner conflicts that may fuel unpleasant dream material. Don’t suppress negative emotions.
  • Try dream interpretation to uncover the metaphorical meanings and root issues behind the disturbing symbols. This can provide insights for growth.
  • Keep a dream journal to find recurring patterns and themes. Tracking these details reveals the true source of the concerns.
  • Get enough sleep since sleep deprivation amplifies emotional reactivity and worsens dream recall. Aim for 7-9 hours per night.
  • Consider psychotherapy if the dreams cause excessive disturbances or distress during waking hours to address underlying trauma, thought patterns, or inner issues manifesting in the dreams.

Healthy Ways to Gain Value from Murder Dream Motifs

While murder dream content can be disturbing, you can extract value from these dark themes:

  • They provide a safe outlet for expressing taboo emotions and desires without acting on them.
  • They allow confronting fears of mortality, violence, and one’s “shadow self” from a place of safety to reduce anxiety.
  • They reveal areas for inner growth by highlighting rejected feelings and unconscious issues needing awareness.
  • They prompt gaining insight into regrets, life stages, and stuck thought patterns that may be “killing” your joy, potential, or personal growth.
  • They magnify areas needing change and elimination, reflected through the exaggerative dream murder plotlines.
  • They reinforce gratitude for your blessings, relationships and everyday security upon awakening from the unpleasant dream imagery.

FAQs On Dream About Witnessing Murders

FAQ: What does it mean if I dream of a stranger getting murdered?

Dreaming about the murder of a stranger can symbolize changes or transitions in your life. The unknown victim may represent an aspect of yourself that is being eliminated or something new you are moving away from. It can also reflect a sense of powerlessness about forces beyond your control.

FAQ: I dreamed my sibling/friend was murdered – am I resentful towards them?

Not necessarily. Dreaming of someone close being murdered doesn’t mean you literally want harm to befall them. It more likely signifies aspects like wanting to feel less compared to them, a shift in the relationship, or not feeling emotionally supported. The dream murder dramatizes inner frustrations.

FAQ: I keep having recurring dreams about the same murder – why does it repeat?

Recurring dream themes indicate you have not yet resolved the core issues or emotions feeding into the dreams. Repetitive murder dreams suggest buried feelings like anger or jealousy, ongoing inner conflicts, or the need to eliminate a thought pattern or addiction. Reflect on what remains unaddressed.

FAQ: I dreamed I accidentally killed someone – does this mean I’m dangerous?

No, dreams represent inner symbolism. Accidentally killing someone in a dream simply reflects a mistake you fear making, regret you carry, or accidental loss you caused. The dream deals with self-judgement, guilt, or the desire to regain control. It likely does not imply any real violent tendencies.


Dreams of witnessing murders or being killed are ultimately meaningful expressions of the psyche and not psychic predictions. By exploring the root causes and symbolic significance of these vivid dreams, we can alleviate anxiety about their dark content.

With understanding and self-reflection, dreams with murder themes can provide valuable revelations about inner conflicts, repressed emotions, fears, self-sabotaging patterns and areas for growth.

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